You see the magic, don’t you?

The sparkle in the simple things

The wonder in the small

The everyday adventure

The fun, you see it all!

The plan’s a little sketchy

But your dreams are big and wild

And you’ve wandered into our world

Just to make somebody smile

Mr Hammy and his friends are here

And anything can happen

You know you’re only limited by

What you can imagine!



In 2014, I came across a book called  

“Start Something That Matters” by Blake Mycoskie,

I was determined to start something that would change the world for the better.

But I had no idea where to begin. What could I possibly do that would make an impact?

So, I just started with what I loved – sketching! Specifically, sketching hamsters!

Mr. Hammy was my childhood pet, a source of endless happiness and fun. 

As my artwork brought him back to life,

he helped me to rediscover the magic in the smallest, simplest of things.

You might say Mr Hammy brought out my inner child. 

As I introduced Mr. Hammy and his friends to the people around me,

I watched the smiles light up. And I realised, I could change the world.

One smile at a time. 


A very special video I made for you all... to celebrate the friendship of Mr Hammy and his potato friend. I hope you enjoy this clip as much as I did creating it. If you do, share it with your best friends, soul-mates & most precious ones.