Plus, get your FREE PRINTABLE Christmas gift tags!

Mr Hammy and I LOVE to give presents! And there’s nothing like a beautifully wrapped gift to make your loved one smile before they even see what’s inside.

The problem is, neither of us are very good at gift-wrapping. You can’t really blame Mr Hammy – it’s hard to wrap a present with such tiny arms! But I don’t have that excuse, and I can’t help but feel disappointed when - after putting so much time and effort into finding and wrapping them – my gifts look like, well, a hamster wrapped them.

Luckily, we have a little secret for making our gifts look amazing, while still keeping that personal touch that our family and friends treasure. And today, we’re going to share it with you!

You will need:

  • Plain wrapping paper – even brown paper looks great!
  • Twine (or ribbon if you’re feeling fancy)
  • Clear tape
  • A cute gift tag – you can download these from Little Sketchy and print for FREE!
  • A hole punch

First, download and print your free gift tags. 

You can make them even more special by printing them on thicker card stock, or linen or craft paper. Try somewhere like Peterkin Paper for different types. 

Cut out your gift tags and hole punch. Then, write a special Christmas message to your loved one, and let them know who the beautiful looking gift is from. 


(If you need a little more room to write a longer message, check out our range of Christmas cards here.)

Next, wrap your gift in paper as you usually would.

A little tip – if you have an odd-shaped gift, or multiple items, place them in a box and stuff it with tissue paper so they cant move around in there. Or, you could do what Mr Hammy does and only buy gifts that are square or rectangle shaped. It’s lucky his Potato friend loves to read books!

If you need some help here, try this link for a video and detailed instructions.

Image source:  Pinterest

Image source: Pinterest

Next, take your twine or ribbon and wrap it around your gift. You can get creative here – wrap it around lengthways, width-ways, or both to form a cross. You could even wrap it around multiple times for some added detail.  

Secure the twine with a single loop knot at the top of your gift. Before you tie your bow, it’s time to add your gift tag!

Thread the twine through the hole in the tag from underneath and slide the tag down so it sits flat against the gift.

Finally, tie a bow to secure the tag and put the finishing touch on your gift. You can tie it any way you know how! (If you don’t know how, try this video.)

Mr Hammy likes to pretend he is tying his shoelaces. He doesn’t get to wear shoes very often!

Once your bow is tied, you’re done! Et viola! 

You have stunning, personally-wrapped gift that will look amazing under anyone’s Christmas tree. It’s guaranteed to multiply the smiles you produce this Christmas! 

P.S. If you’re still looking for the perfect gift for someone young at heart, check out our framed prints – they are super cute and easy to wrap!