Do you do commission work? 

No. At the moment I am putting all my focus on creating new work for Little Sketchy & Little Heroes of Perth

Do you sell your originals? 

No. All my work are created with a Wacom Digital Drawing Tablet, so there are no originals. The originals are the files in my computer. In the future? Maybe.. if I do decide to create my art with other mediums. 

I really like this art print, do you have it in a greeting card? 

 We have only got a limited range of greeting cards available. Most art prints do not come in greeting card size. 

Where can I buy frames?

I use IKEA RIBBA frames to frame all my work. Simple and affordable. Since all the prints are created to standard paper size, you will be able to find frames easily. e.g Kmart, IKEA, Officework etc. Or you can also get it professionally framed at your local frame shop.

Do you design logo for business? 

No. I prefer to draw things that I like, like Mr Hammy. 

Do you do larger size art prints? 

The largest art print size I have in stock is  297 x 420cm A3.  If you would like anything larger,  please send me an email on 

Do you wholesale your art? 

I sure do. Get in touch on!