Hey there, 

You are on this page because you expressed your concern on my spelling, grammar or mis-use of punctuation.

I'm sorry about how you feel.

This is my art. my blog. my newsletter my website. my expression. my story. so I will do it my way

In my own unique way. 

My writing & english might not be perfect. and my art might not be too

But im not gonna let such little things stop me from expressing myself & doing what I love.

I like to write so I'm just gonna keep writing. I enjoy sketching so I'm gonna keep creating.

maybe one day I will be better at it, maybe I won't. but I'm not gonna stress about it. 

so I apologise for nothing.

I'm a hamster. remember? hamsters don't speak human. 

( P.s english is my second language. )

If this is still bothering you, here is an article you should read: 


Thank you for your feedback. 

Mr Hammy & Janet